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Elder and Oak

The journal of a Christian Druid.

9 July 1970
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I became a Christian druid 1st May 1999 because of a vision 30th May 1998. Despite arguments with fundamentalists and bibliolaters (especially if they try to convert me) I try to be tolerant of other religions and I haven't so far found a religion that has nothing of value to teach. I don't choose or reject friends over religion, nor do I attempt to convert my friends. I take the view that if God wanted them converted, He could do it.

I also don't choose friends on the basis of politics. I am a pro-life, anti-war, anti-Eu, moderate extremist, liberal conservative monarchist and believer in sacred kingship. Finding someone who agrees with all of that seems an unlikely prospect. I'm always happy to debate, especially on my other journal (under the name Neneithel), but I won't hate anyone for disagreeing with me.

I believe in the equal value and rights of all life. I am not a vegetarian (although if you are, I will not mock you for it) but I firmly believe that I am not worth more than any animal, plant or stone. I practise non-aggressive gardening and I speak for those who can't defend themselves. I don't mince my words on issues such as abortion. Attempting to convince me that it is a woman's right to kill her child will fail.

I also believe in fairies and speak to spirits of the dead. You have the perfect right to think me crazy, and I won't resent you for it. Call me a loony, call me a Pagan, just, please, don't call me a European!