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You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

Well, call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I'd spend what time I had trying to get us both out of the situation alive.

If you were given one magic wish to improve the world, for what would you wish?

Nothing. The only thing I have a right to change is myself.

One of my hobbies is tracing family trees. If anyone has English or Welsh ancestors, throw me some names and dates and I'll see how far back I can go.

My e-mail is Neneithel@aol.com

Strange politicians keep appearing grinning on leaflets. I feel like putting a sign on the door saying, "We have thrown away our voting cards, kindly leave us alone."
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I would have made this in video form, but my present illness makes it impossible for me to speak for long without either retching or gasping for breath, neither of which makes for a pleasant video.

I've been arguing occasionally with a chap on Youtube called Question Christ. Read more...Collapse )

I am, as you know, celibate and I believe, as do most Christians, that the human body is sacred, and that to dishonour it dishonours God.

However, I do not believe that merely having sex outside marriage or with one's own gender automatically dishonours either the body or God.

To sell sex, yes, of course, that is wrong. To offer sex in order to trap or control someone, that is wrong too. To marry a woman when your desires are all for a man is to dishonour yourself and your bride. To try to force a person to live as a heterosexual when they are not is an abomination.

I once had powerful objections to homosexual relationships, all of which fell away when God gently pointed out that He didn't share my prejudices.

It's not just the body which is sacred, but the soul too, the person whom God has placed within that body. And when the soul is filled with honest, sincere and sacred love for another, it is wrong of us to say that such love is shameful. The shame would be to marry a person whom they did not and could not love. That is what dishonours.

This is why those who do not support the murder of Palestinians must never be silenced by the likes of Dungeonwriter:

Incidentally, Dungeonwriter (delighted that you still read my journal, by the way), I hope the rumour isn't true that you've stolen chunks of my work for your articles. You see, that's copyright infringement. I'm fairly sure that even the far right types for whom you write your little rants will have a problem with that.

Oh well, even if it is true, it's a small crime compared with taking lives and land, isn't it?

In January, a lady called Nina Parris addressed a protest about Israeli war crimes. This lady knew all about atrocities and oppression, having been forced to flee the Nazis in 1937 because she was a Jew living in Berlin.

Supporters of Israeli violence pretend to speak for people such as her. As you can see, she is quite capable of speaking for herself and chooses to speak against their use of Nazi-like tactics.

Dungeonwriter is calling me a bully, presumably because I argued with her affection for the mass murderer Cromwell. It is forbidden, people of the internet, to argue with anything Dungeonwriter says and those of us who do are BEING SO MEAN!

From a twelve year old, it would seem understandable. At her age, it's just ridiculous.

Now, much as it pains me to be thought of as a bully by even the seriously deluded, we are talking about a girl who rejoices in the actions of Israeli soldiers against the civilians of Gaza. We are talking about someone who is in favour of the vile atrocities carried out against innocent people whose only crime is to be Palestinian. And she thinks I'm a bully?

As always, I take her insults as compliments. If I've rattled her, it's because she knows I'm right. Also, she is a complete hypocrite in objecting to me saying things openly in here about the vile things she has said, because some time ago, she posted that she had written an unpleasant article about something I had said which she would not post in her LJ, in case I read it. At least I have the courage and honour to say what I have to say here, where she can see and reply.

Dungeonwriter, as long as you continue to post support for genocide and for murderers, I will argue with you. It is not bullying. Indeed, it would be giving into bullying were I to fall silent just because one self-obsessed bigot got nasty about it. If you want me to stop arguing with you, stop posting bigotry.

One more thing, petal. You know nothing about Christianity, as you've shown on numerous occasions, so lecturing me on how Christians behave is idiotic. One thing Christians do not do is keep their mouths shut when someone supports atrocities. My God doesn't like people being butchered because of their race or religion.

Dungeonwriter has said she would like to give Oliver Cromwell an award for his treatment of Jews. The mind boggles! Does she think he was a special friend of Jews? He wanted to use them for political ends. This is from a pro-Cromwell source:

"There was interest in Jewish matters in the leadership of the Commonwealth and Protectorate for two reasons, one pragmatic and the other doctrinal. The pragmatic reason was that based on the international trade and commercial connections of the Amsterdam Jewish community it was recognised that a strong Jewish presence in London would be advantageous. With flourishing links to the East and West Indies and to the New World Jewish traders in London could make the city to Amsterdam as a commercial centre.

The doctrinal reason was the belief amongst godly Protestants, including Cromwell, that the conversion of the Jews to Christianity was essential before Christ would return to reign on earth. 1656 was thought by some to be the actual year in which this would happen."

From: http://www.olivercromwell.org/jews.htm

So yes, dear, the Jews were more tolerated under Cromwell (there were Jews in England throughout the Stuart Age, but they had to be discreet). However, they were tolerated because he could exploit them and because his bizarre religion insisted that they must all be converted to Christianity. Still love the cuddly little tyrant?

She does have the honesty to admit that his other behaviour was monstrous, but frankly, her whole post is like suggesting we give Hitler an award for bringing the German people together and then adding a footnote saying, "Obviously, the whole holocaust situation was a bit naughty."

Frankly, I think it would do the girl good to spend a year actually learning some history before she makes herself look even more ignorant.

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